EL Home

"EL Home" from Emirates Lebanon Bank, a loan tailored to your needs.
Do you wish to purchase a home, a family apartment or a secondary residence?
Are you looking to finance the construction of your house?
Are you planning some extension or development works?
Emirates Lebanon Bank will back you up.

  • Depending on the currency of your income, you can borrow in US dollars or Lebanese Pounds for a loan period up to 15 years.
  • You can seek advice and assistance from our Relationship Managers to determine the loan that best suits your budget:
    1. You are employed and can domicile your income on your Emirates Lebanon Bank account.
    2. You are self-employed and your occupation allows you to supply regularly your Emirates Lebanon Bank account.
  • You can benefit from personal insurance and home insurance coverage.
  • Our real estate experts will allow you to determine the real value of your property.
Get your project started already! Now you can seek advice from our Relationship Managers. A customized feasibility of your project will be offered to you free of charge.