Customer Services


How to use your card

For your security …

  • Sign your card immediately (this customization constitutes the first element of your security)
  • Keep it carefully
  • Keep only for you the secret code sent to you by personal mail. This secret code constitutes the regular validation mode of electronic payments and withdrawals at ATM machines.
    No one has the right to request it : neither a merchant nor a bank …
  • You should never write your code in a notebook or a paper that may be stolen with your card. Memorize it and destroy the document on which it was addressed to you. In case you forget your secret code, contact your branch to receive another one.
  • When you enter your secret code, make sure to be away from prying eyes, do not get distracted and do not hesitate to hide the keyboard with your free hand. Do not enter more than 2 wrong numbers of your code.

Validity of your card…

It is valid until the last day of the month indicated after the expression « Good thru ». After this date, you may not be able to use it anymore. Your card will be renewed prior to the expiry in order to enable you to avail of all the services without interruption.

Payments by card

Customization of monthly ceiling of payment of your card

The maximum ceiling of your card is customized. It is fixed with your Account Manager upon enrollment according to your monthly payments. According to the evolution of your needs, you may request the permanent or temporary modification of the same.

You should verify, on periodic basis, namely when you have an important purchase or a trip, that your ceiling is sufficient.

Fast easy payment

You submit your Visa card to the merchant, you validate the payment with your secret code on the electronic payment terminal or you sign the ticket he submits to you.

Check the amount printed on the ticket before you sign it and keep it for any eventual claim.

Withdrawals by card
You may customize, according to your own needs, the amounts of withdrawals you wish to make, within the limits of the sufficient balance available in your account and the maximum ceiling of withdrawal by a period of 4 days.

Cash withdrawals are always debited from your account on the same day.
Withdrawals from the ATM machines of Emirates Lebanon Bank are free of charge.

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Lost or stolen bank card
Stopping payment constitutes the best protection means in case of loss, theft or fraudulent use without dispossession. You should ask for the stoppage of payment at the earliest at your branch or our  CSC  operator. Stopping payment is immediately registered and should necessarily be confirmed in writing. It may not be reversed or cancelled.

How to stop the payment ?

  • In Lebanon :
    • At your branch : You may visit it or contact it by phone (during working hours), by mail or any other means (fax, e-mail…).
      Branches in Lebanon
    • At CSC. by dialing the following numbers 24h/24 and 7/7 : 961 1 738800
  • Abroad :
    Before you travel, make sure to have the documents submitted to you at the same time as your card. They comprise the emergency numbers to call to stop the payment from your card according to the country.

Customer’s liability

The payments and withdrawals made prior to the stoppage of payment from the card due to loss or theft shall be borne by the customer. Your liability is unlimited in case of late stoppage or use by a family member.

Protect yourself with our EL Info service, SMS alert for all bank card operations

Forgotten secret code

What to do in case you forget or lose the secret code of your card ? Is it possible to reissue the same?

  • In case you forget or lose the secret code of your bank card, you should ask for the reissuance of your secret code.
  • The reissuance request shall be made at your Emirates Lebanon Bank branch. You shall receive your secret code within 2 days.
ATM Incident

Your card is rejected or swallowed if :

  • You enter 3 wrong codes consecutively
  • You exceed 25 seconds to retrieve your card
  • Your card has been stopped

What to do ?

Consult your Emirates Lebanon Bank Account Manager to know why your card has been rejected or visit the branch concerned as soon as possible with your identity card to retrieve your card (within 48 hours in case of an Emirates Lebanon Bank ATM).

Lost or stolen cheque book

Stopping the payment of a cheque or a cheque book is solely possible in case of loss or theft.

How to stop payment?

At your Emirates Lebanon Bank branch, at the earliest. You may visit your branch or contact it by phone (during working hours), by mail or any other means (fax, e-mail…).

Your stoppage of payment shall be registered immediately and you should confirm it in writing.