International Trade

Do you seek to expand your firm's activities globally, both in terms of imports as well as exports?

Whatever your objectives, Emirates Lebanon Bank S.A.L puts at your disposal a team of professional  Relationship Managers who will provide you with advice and propose innovative and personalized solutions.

Your Relationship Manager supports you upstream in your imports and/or exports documentary credit operations, international guarantees, Stand By letters of credit, indicating to you our possibilities of confirmation and the associated costs for each country.

Engagements by Signature

► Opening of documentary credits: at sight or of fixed term for international trade operations.

► Notification of export Letters of Credit, if need be, confirmation of export Letters of Credit.

► Issuance of Stand By Letters of Credit: to guarantee your commitments with your supplier.

► Issuance of Letters of Guarantee to participate in tenders:  advance payment guarantee, bid and performance bonds related to contracts for works execution or services rendered.

► Re-issuance of international guaranties.