Commercial Credits

Emirates Lebanon Bank puts at your disposal a wide range of credit lines and services tailored to the needs of your company.

Overdraft Credit lines

► Funding your working capital needs:


  • Overdraft facilities: to compensate your cash flow shortages and your short term cash-flow (less than 12 months).
  • import Funding: this credit line is a substitute to the supplier's credit when he doesn't offer you one, or when the period offered is insufficient.
  • Discount credit: discount of commercial papers or sequence papers (purchases by installments of car, material etc…)
    • ►Asset Financing: To finance the purchase of operating assets such as goods, securities, properties, equipments, etc…

      ►Contract Financing: We finance your needs pertaining to contracts concluded with third parties for the execution of works, supply of materials or services provided.

      ►Investment Financing: Intermediate-term loans : 2 to 7 years to finance your equipments including machinery, automotive, facilities, industrial or commercial buildings with the possibility, if need be, to submit your needs to the relevant Lebanese Authorities for possible  interest rate subsidies.