30 Jun 2022

"ELB-App" mobile banking application

Dear Customer,


We have upgraded our mobile banking application “ELB-App” with a new design and enhanced features.


Download the “ELB-App” application available on App Store for IOS or Google Play for Android from your mobile phone and discover its numerous functionalities:


* Secure access via username, password and captcha.

* Password reset.

* Easy navigation.

* Biometric authentication for a faster login through face recognition.

* Online bank access using your Emirates Lebanon Bank card.

* Balance of your accounts included in the "ELB-eb" subscription.

* Account Details, Account activity, Account Statistics and your Scheduled Transactions.

* Details of your card outstanding bills.

* Checkbook request.

* Sending and receipt of emails from ELB.

* Notifications on Account Balances, Transactions or Currencies.

* Pending transactions.

* Transfer of funds between your accounts.

* Transfer of funds between ELB accounts.

* Transfer of funds to other banks in Lebanon or abroad.

* ELB branches and ATM location service.


Our team remains available for inquiries and assistance. You can reach us during working hours at 01-20 93 99.

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