01 Jul 2021

Central Bank of Lebanon Circular no.158


Dear Customer,


We wish to inform you that Emirates Lebanon Bank has implemented the provisions of Basic Circular 158 issued by Banque du Liban.


Subject to certain terms and conditions set by BDL, the Circular allows for the possibility to withdraw monthly an amount of USD 400 cash in addition to the countervalue of USD 400 in Lebanese Pounds at the applicable rate of the platform.



In compliance with applicable regulations, eligible customers who wish to adhere to BDL Circular 158 can no longer benefit from the provisions of BDL Circular 151, which provides for the conversion of eligible foreign currency deposits up to a certain amount at the current exchange rate of 3,900 LBP to the USD; however, salaries paid regularly in USD can continue to be converted to LBP at the mentioned rate.

Emirates Lebanon Bank has notified eligible customers by SMS and invited them to visit their branch to better understand the process and complete the relevant formalities.

If you have not received an SMS and believe you are eligible, kindly contact your relationship manager who will be available to address your request.

Please be aware that the regulatory deadline to apply for BDL Circular 158 is 30 September 2021.


In case of any claim or complaint, kindly address them to our Consumer Protection Unit, which can be reached as follows:

By mail: Consumer Protection Unit - Emirates Lebanon Bank - Borj El Ghazal - Tabaris- P.O.Box 11-1608, Beirut- Lebanon

By email:

By telephone:01- 207473

With our best regards,
Emirates Lebanon Bank S.A.L.



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