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  Sunday 19 August 2018
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National Holidays 2017
Date Day Holiday
January 1st Sunday New Year's day Christian Calendar
January 6 Friday Christmas (Orthodox Armenian Community)
February 9 Thursday Saint Maron Day

March 25

April 14



Annunciation of the Virgin Mary

Good Friday for the Catholic & Orthodox Communities

April 17
Monday Easter Monday for the Catholic & Orthodox Communities
May 1st Monday Labor day
May 25 Thursday Resistance & Liberation Day
June 25-26
Sunday-Monday Fitr *
August 15 Tuesday Assumption day
September 1 -2 Friday-Saturday Adha *
September 21 Thursday Hegira New Year's day *
September 30
Saturday Achoura commemoration *
November 22 Wednesday Independance day
November 30
Thursday Prophet's Birthday
December 25 Monday Christmas

Important : Banks in Lebanon close their counters on December 31st
* The dates of Muslim holidays can change.