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Emirates Lebanon Bank
  Sunday 19 August 2018
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EL Info
EL Info service
Your card live

Whether you are in Lebanon or abroad, for any transaction made and authorized at a shop or an ATM, you shall immediately receive an SMS message detailing the amount, the place, the date and the hour of the transaction.

Thanks to EL Info service by Emirates Lebanon Bank, you can control your expenses and detect in real time the operations which can be made following a theft or loss of your card and thereby stop your card without delay.

Moreover, EL Info service enables you to better manage your accounts: you can easily make an instantaneous follow-up of your expenses, check operations on your statement of account and keep the evidence of your expenses in archiving the received messages.

During your stays abroad :

  • Either you benefit from a roaming service from your operator and the SMS messages shall be addressed to you normally.
  • Or you ask for the extension of EL Info service to the mobile number that you have in such country: without any additional fees, all the messages of EL Info service shall be sent to this number.
For a 1$ per month subscription fee, use your card without worries with EL Info service.

To subscribe or know more about our products, contact without delay your Emirates Lebanon Bank advisor or one of our branches.