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Emirates Lebanon Bank
  Sunday 19 August 2018
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Checking Accounts
To manage your daily operations with your bank
Every individual entity can dispose of an individual checking account and thereby manage its own expenses.

The checking account is a non remunerated account functioning in credit line (except with authorization).

A statement of account detailing the movements by categories (transfers, payments and withdrawals by card, payment by checks, drawings, etc) shall be delivered to you at the end of each month.

If the account does not register any movement during the previous month the issuance of the statement is not initiated.

Joint checking account

A joint account enables you to manage and follow more efficiently the expenses of the household. Each co-holder might thereby hold means of payment (card, checks) and use them as he pleases.

Opening a checking account

To open an individual account, you just need to appear before a branch of Emirates Lebanon Bank with your credentials and proof of domicile. You can request a joint checking account with a unique, separated or joined signature. Therefore, you should appear before the branch of Emirates Lebanon Bank that you choose accompagnied by the person with whom you wish to open this account. Each one of you shall hold his ID card and proof of domicile.

If your salary is domiciled at Emirates Lebanon Bank, no minimum payment is required. Otherwise, the payment of 1000 USD or c/v is requested.